Moving backburner projects off the backburner

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Every business tends to have a backburner – those projects that “you’ll get to” at some point. 

And, for me, the more books I read/the more things I want to implement, the longer my backburner list tends to get. Sound familiar?

About two weeks ago, I looked at my list of backburner projects and two things were instantly obvious:

  1. The list keeps getting longer with few things being checked off and
  2. Our existing team, myself included, is focused on other priorities and won’t be able to take them on.

Two choices:

  1. Whine about it for a few minutes and go back to business as usual or
  2. Do something about it. 

Flashforward to today:

  1. We hired a new team member to take over some existing tasks so we can knock out a prioritized list of backburner projects thus freeing up even more time for more projects (that happy cycle!),
  2. We’re in the process of installing a new business dashboard/scorecard which incorporates our vision for the next 12 quarters (3 years) and
  3. I hired a mentor to work with me privately.

Everything comes down to a choice point:

Do you do something to change current circumstances or do you complain for a bit and then continue living with it? 

Not sure what to do? 

How would you advise a friend or client in the same situation? I find that taking *me* out of it makes the answer much more obvious.