No Man is an Island

Nauset 4
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Nauset 4We all need support.

From someone to celebrate with when things are amazing to someone to vent with when things go awry.

From someone to bounce questions and ideas off of to a community who values what you do enough to support your business dreams and goals through their investments with your business.  Or, perhaps just to answer a question or two or twenty on Facebook.

When was the last time you reached out for support?  To ask for help? 

Many business owners feel they need to go it alone or that asking for help somehow diminishes the end result.  Neither is true.  In fact, being a lone warrior is one of the worst things you can do as a small business owner.

You’ll go further faster if you have help and support:

  • Virtual assistance to assist with your administrative and technical needs
  • A network and community you can call upon when you need it – from announcing a new promotion to getting the word out about your latest book, brainstorming with you and more
  • From your family and friends as your business rides the inevitable ups and downs
  • A mentor you trust to have your back and tell it like it is – and if an “in person” mentor isn’t in the budget right now, pick someone you resonate with and go through their blog, their complimentary trainings and anything else you can find and take action from there.

Technology has done an amazing job of bringing people together even as, for some, it’s lessened the amount of personal face-to-face contact they have.

How will you tap into your amazing community?