Where templates go awry

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Sexy SystemsA couple of weeks ago I received an email about a webinar replay.  The note’s subject line and first paragraph were all about how amazing, how wonderful the call was and how I’d want to listen in right away.

Pretty much the standard of what’s sent after as part of a replay sequence.

Flash forward a week.  I received a very different email from the same person.  This one discussed how poor the call was, how bad the offer was and how nothing flowed.

Both emails were discussing the same call.

My guess is that emails were pre-written, perhaps taken from templates, and scheduled before ensuring the reality matched the write-up.

Templates are amazing and can save us tons of time, energy and resources.  That said, they, like all things, need to be checked against the immediate reality of a situation.

A template or a system is only one tool of many when it comes to your business success.

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