How are YOU spending your average business day?

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As a small business owner you have several hats to wear and several choices about how you wear them. This isn’t news to you.

Most business owners, sadly, spend their time as follows — giving equal time to marketing/visibility activities, fulfillment (serving their clients), administration and future business development (working “on” their business) and forever trying to either catch up or put out fires with no time to enjoy their lives or businesses (sound familiar?):


While smart business owners have learned that different activities require different levels of attention at different times. Perhaps something like the below if the primary focus is growing their list and getting new clients — also struggling to find time for self-care and to enjoy life:


And savvy business owners?

Savvy business owners realize that nothing is ever done once and create systems and assets:  Systems for their operations and both systems and assets for all things marketing-related. After all, why keep reinventing the wheel?

It’s these systems which save your sanity, and your bank account, during your busiest times and your craziest times.