One situation, two approaches

handshake and contract papers
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“To achieve your goals, there are 37 primary action items. Here’s what can get done over the next 90 days and our team is happy to take care of it…” and then comes a list six pages long with a five-figure price point at the end.


“I understand your top 3 goals are X, Y and Z. Here’s a prioritized plan to move things significantly forward over the next few months. We know your team is fully engaged with their day-to-day and are happy to handle the majority of implementation. The investment is $$$/month…”

The above are two different approaches for the exact same situation:

  • The first creates an instant feeling of overwhelm for the project, for the list and, if they’re still paying attention, likely for the price point.
  • The second, on the other hand, has a completely different feeling — it’s a partnership, we’re in this together and while the total price is the same in both instances, it feels much more manageable.

As a prospective client, which of these appeals to you more?

Project or partnership?

Food for thought before your next prospective client conversation…