Online Video Learning Experience — Repurposing and Facial Expressions

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Late last week I was interviewed by Dave Kaminsky of Online Video University on the subject of repurposing.  It was a great interview…under 20 minutes, Dave's very skilled at what he does. 

So where's the learning?

My facial expresssions. . .I was trying so hard not to look at the computer screen (but at the camera instead) that l looked everywhere and spent a lot of time nodding.

It's definitely time to work on my video-from-home-office skills — many more videos to come!

While several marketing experts I know would probably not post this video as it's not *perfect*, it's more important to me that you 1. get the information I share and 2. learn from my experiences.  I hope you feel the same — if not, simply minimize my wandering eyes and focus on the audio.  🙂

Check it out below…

Sandra Martini Interview from DMK on Vimeo.