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WHY Aren't I Getting More Leads from My Website?!

Got a website but the phone's still not ringing?

All the web traffic in the world won't matter if your site is missing this one critical element . . .

It's the key that gets your visitor (aka your potential client) to give you their name and email so you can continue building a relationship with them even if they never visit your site again. Think of it as your "Irresistible Free Taste" (or IFT).

Join Helen Graves, Grand Poohbah of Crackerjack Online Marketing Strategy, and I for a fun and informative session on the hows and whys of creating an Irresistible Free Taste that will send your website conversion rate to the moon.
You'll discover:

• Whose advice you shouldn't listen to when creating your free offer
• How to choose a magnetic topic
• Whether an audio or print offer is best
• 2 critical design elements that will increase sign ups by as much as 300%
• The one thing that, if it's missing, can "break the deal"

Learn how easy it is to make the most of your website and turn every visitor into a potential client.

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