Raving Fans: Make Them Giggle with Glee

Conference Room
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Conference RoomAs a business focused on providing the best care possible, you’re working with clients you enjoy.

That said, not all clients are created equal and some will be your *best* clients. The ones who:

  • happily and regularly refer others,
  • are a joy to work with and
  • know your value and never hesitate/bargain over prices.

These are the best of the best. The cream of the crop.

Note that I didn’t say they are your highest paying clients and customers. They may be, but not necessarily.

Should you treat them differently?


These are the clients who get better than your best. The ones you make giggle with glee when hiring you.

And you do it simply by taking one extra step when going the extra mile:

  • send them a birthday gift — something you know they’ll love is more important than something that relates to your business
  • give them a sneak peek of your upcoming offerings
  • let them into the store an hour before opening
  • send over a tray of their favorite goodies during the holidays
  • give them “first right of refusal” on everything you offer

Most of my VIP Strategy Days are held at the Holiday Inn Crown Plaza in Warwick, Rhode Island.

Each time I stay over the night before a client meeting, they greet me with a fruit and cheese plate and bottled water. And most times, I share a picture of it with my social networks using Instagram.

Is it worth the expense to them? Absolutely! They get positive social feedback plus know that I’ll return — each time with a room for me plus the conference room, breakfast, lunch and often my client stays over as well.

Depending on your industry, it may make sense to showcase your premiere clients, just like the airlines call their most frequent flyers first and we sit and watch them file past and getting comfortable in their seats as we wait in line (I call this the “envy factor”).

In the story I share above, the Holiday Inn doesn’t need to showcase what they do for me. . .I do it for them.

This has happened several times with clients to whom I’ve sent flowers for any number of reasons. They often take a picture of the flowers and show them on their social networks.

Your clients, especially your best and most happy clients and customers, can be your best advertisers.

What perks or added benefits can you give your best clients? They need to make both “sense” and “cents” for your business, clients and customers.

Not sure?

Join me for an “Extreme Client Care™ Jumpstart” where we’ll discuss the best options for your business and budget, including tiered levels based on your clients. After our session, you’ll receive a written report of next steps.