Recommended Resource: Time & Productivity Strategies

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Time & Productivity Strategies is a very in-depth look at Dan Kennedy’s RADICAL, tough-minded, personal approach to achieving ABSOLUTE control over your time, associates, clients and the world around you in order to achieve MAXIMUM personal productivity.

These three CDs are recordings of a lengthy, blunt, unvarnished, probative discussion with Dan Kennedy, led by Lee Milteer and exclusively devoted to Dan’s personal strategies for time and productivity, as well as the strategies he teaches his private clients and coaching clients. This goes beyond the material in his books, Renegade Millionaire System, and other seminar recordings. 

This is a unique opportunity to gain insights and understanding of what makes Dan tick, how he gets so much done, how he dictates his rules and terms of engagement into every working relationship.  After listening and reading, you will want to implement some strategies immediately and cringe at the thought of others!