Sometimes it pays to just “go away”

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I've been traveling a lot more than usual this year — to conferences, for business retreats, scouting locations for my next workshop, a whole myriad of things.

And just last week I was in Chicago for a leadership workshop (it's about constant learning and evolution) when I realized that I hadn't finished a project that's been on my list for longer than necessary.

I came home, ready to get the project done.  I'd set aside the time, got fresh flowers for my desk and went through my routine to get "in the zone".

5 minutes, 10, 30, and hour…zone never achieved.

So rather than work on other projects when I really wanted to get this one done, I called a girlfriend, booked a flight and am now writing to you from sunny Charleston, South Carolina — with said project 90% done and plenty of time catching up on her farmer's porch.

As much as I adore my home and my home office, sometimes it pays to just "go away".

Take a few minutes to recognize what might be holding you back and whether a brief change of scenery may be just the thing you're needing.  🙂