The benefits of “shaking things up a bit”

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While I usually adhere to a pretty strict schedule when it comes to getting things done in my business (it’s what works best for me), every once in a while I like to shake things up for a day or two and see what "falls out", if you will.

Yesterday, rather than jump right in with writing as I normally would, I grabbed a non-business, fiction book I had picked up for the beach last weekend, a cup of Yogi peppermint tea, a throw and headed out to "behind the deck" (a couple of lounge chairs surrounded by container plantings) and proceeded to read and sip for an hour.

An absolutely blissful hour of no phone, no computer, no blackberry and, not even a pen.

And afterwards?  I had a gread day of coaching calls (it was Tuesday after all) and came up with even more creative ideas for my clients than usual.  🙂

So what can "shake up" in your routine today?