The “Kindle Effect” on Your Business

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Times are changing.  While this statement is always true, it seems to be even more so now when many online-based businesses have been built around passive revenue streams like ebooks.

Reality is ebooks aren’t what they were.

Time was you could charge $47, $77, even $97 or $147 for an ebook.  Not anymore.

With the Kindle, Nook and other e-readers, the price for e-books has plummeted.

And if you don’t have a presence on these, and other, platforms, in addition to your own site, you’re missing a huge segment of your market.

So what are you to do with your ebooks?  You know, the ones where the content is still great, but the pricing no longer works?

You have several choices:

  • Add them to Kindle and other platforms and lower the price
  • Add a service (Open Q&A call, private mentoring/consulting, done-for-you, etc.)  to help inspire and motivate clients — products alone rarely do the job unless the client is super-motivated on their own
  • Add an offline component to your offerings
  • Add a workbook, audio, video and turn your little ebook into a multimedia package and either increase the cost/leave as is depending on your market and the topic
  • Break your ebook down into a series of articles, blog posts, social media posts and YouTube videos and turn it into a traffic driver
  • Use it as a bonus for complementary programs or products
  • Use it as a bonus when you’re a telesummit/teleclass guest
  • Use it as part of a joint venture partnership package

And, of course, you can do any combination of the above.


 When was the last time you spent some time reassessing your business assets?

  • Your ebooks and products
  • Your programs
  • Your assessments and more

And asked “How can I update, modify, repurpose this for today’s market?”

The great news?  As small businesses, we can adjust and adapt quickly — what’s your next step?

And stay tuned here for more information and updates to the changing business models for online-based businesses.