The “new normal”

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Have you ever heard your parents or grandparents talk about “how good you have it” – after all, they walked uphill to and from school in 3ft of snow.

I remember my Dad telling us how his home had no electricity and he did schoolwork by candlelight until his Dad got a car battery and hooked the house up to it. 

If you’ve been in business a few years, you know things have changed.  What once was, isn’t.

In some respects, things are much easier:

  • Technology allows us to reach thousands of potential clients with the click of a few buttons and for pennies.
  • Technology allows us to access potential customers in our backyard and across the globe.
  • Communication takes as long as a text message.

In other respects, things are much more difficult:

  • We’re bombarded with thousands of messages each day – from advertisers, radio, television, smartphones, social media – and have developed attention deficit as a survival mechanism.
  • Many of our potential clients have been taken advantage of and are justifiably jaded as a result, so the infamous know-like-trust scale has been greatly disrupted.
  • The “lifestyle” dream has been pimped to such an extent that many business owners don’t want to work.  They want to wake up and find they’ve made thousands of dollars while sleeping – with no prep, no setup to actually make it happen (and “yes”, it is possible to have this happen on a regular, recurring basis with the right setup!).

Fact is, all of the above (and much more) is part of the “new normal”.  Just as the “economy” transformed into the “new economy” (we’re not going back), what’s “normal” has changed and, if you wish to survive (let alone thrive), you’re going to have to change and adapt or run the very real risk of closing.

Here are just a few of the “new normal” things you want to embrace and take action on now:

  • Creative follow-up with those who reach out to you whether in person, on your site, by joining your list, on social media, etc.
  • Understanding your numbers and adjusting your business based on what they tell you
  • Understanding your customer profile and giving them what they want, not what you feel like doing

Specifically how to do the above and much more is exactly what we’ll be doing in our live E3 Workshop Experience this October.  Will you join us or will you continue to struggle to figure it out on your own?  (This is much stronger language than I usually use for a reason – times have changed and you’re either ready for them. . .or not.)