Is it an impossible dream?

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BearsWe often hear about going to bed, waking up and discovering that money has come in.

Reality or a hoax – hype created by hardcore marketers?  An impossible dream?

Last week I was on vacation in Vermont.  I checked emails every couple of days and popped into my Facebook account periodically, but I didn’t actively work.  No clients or consulting and my laptop was in the hands of Geek Squad (it’s “interesting” when you can’t work, even if you wanted to).

I want to invite you into my business for a minute. . .without actively working last week, here’s the revenue my business generated:

  • Day 1 of vacation (Aug 17) = $658.50
  • Day 2 of vacation (Aug 18) = $54
  • Day 3 of vacation (Aug 19) = $304
  • Day 4 of vacation (Aug 20) = $27
  • Day 5 of vacation (Aug 21) = $867
  • Day 6 of vacation (Aug 22) = $412
  • Day 7 of vacation (Aug 23) = $83.25
  • Day 8 of vacation (Aug 24) = $1,364

Total last week = $3,769.75 without actively working and if we add in the weekend, the total becomes $5,266.96.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Having your business generate revenue while you’re sleeping or on vacation isn’t an impossible dream.  It’s a reality that can be yours.

However, if your business isn’t currently creating revenue on a regular, consistent business – even when you’re on vacation – it means one of a few things to me:

  • You’re new in business and want to focus on how you’re setting things up rather than revenue generation,
  • You’ve been in business for a while and need to redesign how you’ve been working or else continue to struggle or
  • You’ve been in business for a while and work your butt off for a launch every time you want revenue and your business has become “What can I offer?”

Sound familiar?  Want to create a real business which generates real results for your life?

So many business owners continue to struggle or just make it.  What if your business made a difference – in your life and those you serve?  You can do it and I will show you how.  No fluff, no hype, no overwhelm.