Repurposing Rewards: 10 minutes = 40,000 readers

As my clients know, I’m an expert at repurposing your work.

"Repurposing" is a fancy word for reusing everything you do in order to get the most leverage out of it — essentially working smarter, rather than harder.  It’s also MUCH more than simple article marketing.

Repurposing is an absolute *must* for small business owners. 🙂

Like many business owners, I write articles for my weekly e-newsletter, "Success Strategies". 

In the true spirit of repurposing, last week, I took one of my articles and entered it into a contest.  This took maybe 10 minutes, including whittling down the article word count to their specifications.

Today I learned I won. 

The prize?  A full page feature in the February/March issue of an educational women’s journal magazine — one with a readership of over 40,000

They are publishing my photo, a brief bio, my article and a "call to action" I created especially for their readers…for FREE! 

What would this exposure be worth to you?

Today’s Coaching Challenge: What can you spend 10 minutes repurposing today?

If you’re not sure, you may want to check out

Best wishes,