Increasing Productivity While Working From Home

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Everyone dreams of working from home until they actually do it — then you realize how all the "house" stuff competes with the "business" stuff.

  • Run downstairs to get something out of a filing cabinet and you notice the stack of laundry.
  • Go in the kitchen to grab lunch and see the dishes.

And it’s even more difficult when you add children or pets into the mix.

Here’s what I do to maintain my sanity AND get things done while working from home:

  1. I block my time and do things in "chunks".  This perhaps is the most critical as it allows me to focus on certain things at certain times.  For example, I coach clients on Mondays and Thursdays and I have my coaching calls with my coaches on Tuesdays (yes, even I still have coaches — and I always will!).
  2. The phone is turned off.  If I’m focused or working on one of my "chunks", the phone is turned off.  My virtual assistant takes all messages, handles what she can and gives me the rest.  I return all calls together.  This insures that I’m most effective and am not spending half my day chatting on the phone.  My coaching clients have the number to my private coaching line which is only answered during scheduled call times.
  3. At-A-GLANCE calendar.  I have two calendars on my wall: 1/ a yearly planner which lays out all my known travel, vacations (yes, these are already planned), holidays, business development days (days when I work only on my business), client days, teleseminars, business retreats, etc. and 2/ a 60 day calendar (one of those write on/wipe off ones) where I map out the next two months in relative detail as relates to programs I’m launching.  These are indispensible — seeing it all there is motivating in itself.
  4. A designated place to work.  I have a home office now, but didn’t always.  I encourage you to carve out a space (even if it’s a corner of the dining room table or a spot in the basement) that’s YOURS and just for business.   
  5. A timer. I specifically recommend a Polder Digital Sand Timer — to help keep you focused as you work on your projects.

It’s critical to establish boundaries with your family and friends.  When you are "in the office", they need to respect that you are working and not available unless it’s urgent. 

These are just a few ways to increase your productivity while working from home.  Remember…generating income fast requires you to do things fast — the word here is IMPLEMENT!

MAKE it a great day,