Challenges of Working From Home

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As much as I absolutely love working from home and wouldn’t trade it for an outside office, it does come with certain challenges.

Take today for instance…
My plan was to finsh a survey for my ezine subscribers as well as the information page for my new Automatic Repurpose! program. Ambitious enough by itself.

Saturdays are usually great days for me to do planning and thinking projects as the phone’s not ringing and my husband has band practice (he is in a blues/rock band and plays bass). The dogs and cats just hang out and listen to me (I tend to talk to mysef when working on planning and thinking projects). 🙂

DH (darling hubby) just called to say that he’s bringing a friend home from band practice to watch the game tonight (football — Patriots are 16 and 0 and playing Jacksonville, a tough team, in the playoffs) — DH does better when he has someone to yell at the TV with — and they’ll be hungry after practice.

Normally we’d order some takeout and things would be great, but this particular friend lives alone and eats enough takeout so I always make a nice homecooked meal (I love to cook) when he comes over.

When working from home, “home” and “office” life clash often. I’ll share some of my time management and productivity tips in my next posting. Gotta go make dinner for the guys…