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since announcing that I was selling the pdf version of "How To Find, Hire
and Maintain a Successful Virtual Team: A Beginner’s Guide" for ONLY
$29.00 INCLUDING redistribution rights yesterday, I’ve gotten the following

save me some time in answering everyone individually, I’m sending this note

Question: What do you mean when you said you are
giving "free giveaway rights with purchase"?

Answer: I meant that once you purchase the pdf
version for $29.00, you have the ability to email it to clients, prospects,
colleagues and friends; you may include it as a f.r.e.e. bonus with products
you sell; you may print it and hand it out when giving presentations on working
with virtual assistants; etc.

you can distribute it in any way you wish EXCEPT that you may NOT charge for

Question: Will you be offering an updated version of
this document?

Answer: Yes. . .and no. I will be creating an
*Advanced Guide* to working with virtual teams — this will include information
for business owners who have worked with virtual assistants and want to build a
virtual team.

new product will not be for beginners.

Question: Is the $29.00 a recurring charge or
one-time charge?

Answer: The $29.00 is a one-time charge. There are
no other fees associated with this product.

For those of you who missed the limited time offer in yesterday’s
ezine. . .here it is:

especially for coaches, consultants, other service professionals and VAs who
want to convert prospects into clients, this beginner’s guide walks you through
the steps to find, hire and maintain a virtual assistant (or team) in order to
skyrocket your profits AND your free time.

  • Are you looking to hire a virtual assistant, but don’t
         know what to do or where to go?
  • Are you concerned that once you hire a VA, you won’t
         know how to give tasks or what to delegate?
  • How do VAs get paid? Are they expensive?
  • What needs to be in writing before you begin working
         with a VA?

Get the answers to the above questions and much
more in "How to Find, Hire & Maintain a Successful Virtual Team".

this is such an incredible deal at only $29.00, it’s good only through
Friday, January 11th
(midnight Eastern time).
Get yours here. . .


Sandra Martini
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