Twitter Suspension of Accounts — Were You Prepared?

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Twitter was all a tweeting with the unexpected suspension of thousands of accounts yesterday — it was a human error and has since been fixed, but leads me to a larger question. . .

Were you prepared for it to happen? Is your marketing diversified?

Much the way we prepare for disaster by backing up our computers and having health, home and car insurance, we need to be prepared for any one of our visibility and marketing tools to hiccup.

There are thousands of ways to get the word out about your business (a.k.a. "market it"), many of them low cost and high impact.  It's imperative to the success of your business that you don't put all your eggs into one basket — even if the basket is big and includes all of social media.

Here are several ideas of ways you can get the word out about your business:

1. Publish an ezine — I use Constant Contact for this

2. Send out a print newsletter

3. Blog regularly — on your blog AND post meaningful comments on others

4. Hold teleseminars and/or webinars

5. Put your website on ALL mail leaving your home/office

6. Participate in online forums

7. Be active on several different social media sites (and integrate all your sites) rather than just one

8. Host your own online radio show

9. Record your newsletter articles and submit them to iTunes as podcasts

10. Article marketing — get the most for your effort by using Ezine Articles and Submit Your Article

11. Public speaking

You get the idea. . .

My Request to You:

Pick at least one of the above items that you're not currently doing and commit to a date by when you WILL do it.

Once you have that strategy up and running, pick another strategy and start that one.

Before you know it, you'll have a diversified marketing strategy for your business. 🙂