Marketing Mess of the Week: “Soft Selling”

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I recently ordered a book from Amazon and the authors signed me up for their newsletter (nowhere on the page or anywhere else I looked did it mention I'd be the recipient of this gift).

Many of their ezines (I received every few days) were brief, largely talking about the importance of "soft selling" and "closing without selling" and generally okay reads. 

Then they started promoting an event and the emails became daily and more and more about how we have to stand up against those who "hard sell" by coming to their event.

Their brief articles about all the benefits of soft selling continued, even as they proceeded to turn into "hard sellers" when it came to the event.

I waited a week to see if the hard selling would stop or even ebb, but nothing…they continued pounding away and I unsubscribed.

Always remember, you have the power to vote with your dollars AND your inbox space!

My Request to You:  Take a look around your business. . .is there any place where you're not congruent, where you're not walking your talk? 

If there is, that's okay…until now…now that you know about it, it's time to fix it.