2 FREE Visibility Tools for Your Business

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It's almost impossible trying to keep up with everything you should know in your business, let alone all the places you're mentioned online. . .especially if you're doing any marketing outreach such as article marketing.

An easy way I've found to know what people are saying, tweeting and which articles are getting picked up the most is to sign up for two free visibility tools:

1. Google Alerts (sends email digests based on keywords you've selected for the Internet) and

2. Tweetbeep (sends email alerts based on keywords you've selected for Twitter "tweets")

These sites not only allow you to follow mentions of your own name/business name, but any topics you want: your competitors, a certain trend, your clients, etc.

A recommendation for Google Alerts: put whatever words you're looking for in quotes if appropriate. When I first signed up with Sandra Martini (no quotes were used), I got every mention of "Sandra Bullock" and the best new "Martini" bars, recipes, etc.

Now I search on "Sandra Martini" and just get me. . .oh, and occasionally the other "Sandra Martini" who lives in Germany.  🙂

Happy AUTOsearching. . .

PS: If you're a member of my Social Networking Done For You program, these have already been set up for you, so no action needed.  🙂