Do you fully embrace your freedom to. . .

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During this week of Independence holidays in the US and Canada, I have to wonder. . .

Do you fully embrace your freedom to take back your power and create your business without falling to all the pomp and circumstance (a.k.a. "hype") that's *out there*?

A new private client called me the other day in complete overwhelm.  You see she had a desk full of info products and systems designed to "take [her] business to the next level" and had just received another email promising the same if she would only sign up for this 4-day workshop.

Credit card in hand, she called me to ask if she should go (we had discussed that there would be "no new" purchases until some critical pieces were in place in her business. (I can't share more due to confidentiality.)

My advice to her:

1. Put the credit card away.

2. Unsubscribe from all but 3 newsletters as that would clear a lot of the promo emails out as well.  She could pick the 3 that she consistently opened and got something from, but the rest had to go (even those of friends if they didn't make the top 3).

3. Put all the products and systems on a bookshelf.  Yep, all of them.

4. Take out the goals we'd set during our session — not the general list, but the "in priority order, based on where she currently is and where she wants to get to first list" and pin it up by her desk.

5. Begin work on the first action step we'd set based on the priority goals and IF one of the "shelf systems" could assist, take it out and flip to the necessary section, take action and then PUT IT BACK and move on to the next action step.

It's time to take back your power — the power of choice about who you let into your email box and the type of marketing you'll embrace.

Marketing should be educational, not something you "put up with" for the rare nugget of quality info.

Here's to freedom in your life and your business. . .  🙂