Gmail and Your HTML Newsletter

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I wanted to make you aware of a recent problem with Google's gmail accounts.

Take a look at the snapshot of my ezine from yesterday below – this was sent to my test gmail account…all the line breaks (spacing between paragraphs) are gone which makes it pretty ugly and hard to read.



Google's gone and done something to the gmail code so that your html (pretty with pictures and formatting) ezines will appear this way for anyone with a gmail account unless…

Don't get scared, I'm going to mention a little html coding here.

When ending a line where you want a space between paragraphs, use the <br> or <br/> tag rather than the <p> tag (note that you may need to put more than one <br> tag to get the look you want).

If you're using software and not the actual coding, you'll want to press SHIFT RETURN (rather than just the RETURN (or Enter) key.

And if you're a Team Sandy client, no worries…the Team has been updated and will take care of it for you.  🙂

Everyone else: Send the link to this post to your VA or whomever puts together your html ezine so they can ensure it's done properly.