Want to build your business? Replicate and Tweak! #30DayBlog

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Enjoying movies more, I rarely watch television and especially television shows.  Just before bed last night however, I saw a commercial for the upcoming season premiere of NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles and it got me to thinking.

The TV producers know how to increase ratings — they take what works (what has high viewership), replicate it and then make a few tweaks.

Here are just a few examples:

Law & Order — soon followed by Law & Order: SVU and Law and Order: Criminal Intent

CSI — soon followed by CSI: New York and CSI: Miami

and now NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles.

Let's "make it real" — What in your business is working well?  Whether it's a system, a lead generator, a teleseminar series, a product. . .WHAT is working well?

How can you tweak it?

If a digital product, can you add an audio or video component? Or make it a physical product?

If a client attraction system, can you tweak it to be a client follow-up/retention system?

Think of it as another way to repurpose content you already have. 🙂

Rather than reinvent the wheel and hope your new X, Y or Z is what you're clients are looking for, take something which is already working (replicate) and mix it up a bit (tweak).