What do John Cena & Wrestling have to do with your business?

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My 15-year-old nephew is a fan of the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and of John Cena (one of their stars) in particular. 

This weekend, while flipping through stations, I kept seeing an ad for WWE's Extreme Rules pay-per-view and pictures of Cena wearing a t-shirt with "HLR" on it.  So last night, when WWE was coming on, I hopped over to see what the "HLR" was for.

Turns out it's for Hustle – Loyalty – Respect — these are the tenets by which John Cena's character lives.

Think about that for a second: Hustle, Loyalty and Respect.

Pretty good, wouldn't you agree?

While I never would have thought my business had anything to do with wrestling, it absolutely does.

Here's how I incorporate those words into my business and life:

Hustle — Implement and take action quickly, as if your life depends on it because, quite frankly, your business life DOES depend on it.

Loyalty — Remain loyal to your business by remembering that YOU are its owner and responsibility for its success or failure rests with you and remain loyal to your clients and customers by treating them with the utmost…

Respect — Your clients are people, not a tribe, not a herd, and not dollar signs.  They are real people who each have a unique gift and your *job* is to help them fully impact the world by using YOUR gift.

So how will you incorporate H-L-R into your life, starting today?