What My Shepherd Taught Me About Live Events

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The above is a picture of my shepherd Sheba (and our two cats Junior and Eggie with her). She looks beautiful and calm here.

Not so when there's thunder.  She can hear it a half hour before I can and turns into a 75lb shaking ball of nerves who's determined to sit in my lap.  It's really not pretty.

Not thinking, I bought a relaxation CD to fall asleep by a few months ago — it's "electrifying thunderstorms" (I obviously love storms).

The night I put it in and heard that first rumble of thunder, I remembered and cringed, waiting for the inevitable leap onto my chest as I dived to shut the CD off.


No movement as she slept silently on her doggie bed.

A second rumble, and a third. . .still no movement.

I've listened to that CD every night for months and it doesn't phase her a bit.

Then it dawned on me. . .there's no energy in the air.  She can't "feel" the thunder.

And that's the difference between purchasing recordings or home study programs and attending a live event — the energy. 

Nothing beats the energy of everyone in the room, listening to a speaker, chatting with each other, the shared experience of being in the same place at the same time, all for the furtherance of your business — and that energy carries through to when you're back in the office, super-motivated and full of ideas AND new relationships!

I'll be speaking at Nancy Marmolejo's "I Heart My Biz" next week in Anaheim, California and would love to meet you there or at another event in the near future.