Boundaries, Convenience and Perception in Your Business

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So many coaches talk about “boundaries” and “holding your boundaries” with clients, team members, etc. in order to create the business/life of your dreams.

In fact, I remember a former business advisor who often said I needed stronger boundaries or else my clients wouldn’t value me and what I had to offer.

Boundaries, to that advisor, existed, in part, to create a certain perception of when and how much one works in their business.

So what exactly are boundaries?

I view boundaries as doing business on my terms:

The hours I work — after all, not being an employee means you don’t have to be in the office from 9am – 5pm and gives you the flexibility to schedule clients around times which work for you both.

The clients I work with — accepting the fact that not everyone is a good match for your business is one of the most freeing things you can do for yourself and your business.

Protecting myself from all the hype and BS which permeates online businesses and ticks me off whenever I see it — you know it when you see it and my best advice is to unsubscribe and move on.

• And, speaking/living my truth (to borrow a phrase from @ElizabethPW) which includes providing Extreme Client Care(tm) in everything I do — no matter what, be true to who you are. . .those who resonate will join you. 🙂

If it’s convenient for me to check emails or respond to Get It Done Right forum postings at 11pm on a Saturday night, that’s when I’ll do it — I don’t post-date my emails so the client won’t see them until 9am Monday morning, thus creating an illusion of when I work.

It’s about convenience and providing Extreme Client Care(tm) rather than perception. . .I work more than 4 hours a week and I’m proud to share that fact.

My Request To You

We’re all busy. . .in our businesses and in our lives. Create boundaries which support your desired business and lifestyle.

What are your “non-negotiables” or boundaries for your business?

Remember that strong boundaries — as defined by you — create a strong business.

I’d love to hear from you 🙂