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My father-in-law now resides in a full-care facility (a.k.a. “nursing home”) and I spend a lot of time there hanging out with him.

They do an awesome job of bringing in outside entertainment and having activities for the residents.  Last night we had a singer who impersonated several Vegas headliners from the 50s, 60s and 70s…including Elvis, Neil Diamond, Tom Jones, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra.

It was fun and the residents enjoyed all the costumes and singing.

As I looked around the crowded room and thought about my life and what I wanted it to represent, I wondered what song represents my business…both today and for the future.

The “today” part was easy as my team helped me with this last month (I never know who sings what or titles) when I needed a song to walk on stage to for a presentation I was giving. (It also speaks to the power of my branding and team understanding that they could give me several examples when asked “What song represents my business?”)

But what about the future?

And then he started to sing the next song and I knew immediately that “that” was it.

I believe that every business owner should have at least one song that inspires, motivates and pulls you forward.  Something that makes you smile when hearing it in the context of your business (and/or life).

Here are my songs:

Today and well into the future… (ignore the movie reference…)

In the future and looking back…

(thank heavens for YouTube!)

Which song(s) best represent your business?  Today and in the future?


PS…and the song which really got everyone singing, my father-in-law the loudest?  God Bless America and yes…I cried.  🙂