Sense or Cents?

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Good Sense for Good CentsWhile traveling recently, I saw an airport advertisement from Charles Schwab.  The jist of the ad was that “It has to make sense for you, before making cents for us.”

I thought it was a great use of words and it reminded me of the simple, good “sense” practices of Extreme Client Care™ which lead to several “cents”.

Taking care of your clients has to start with taking care of yourself as you can’t deliver your best when feeling your worst.

What steps are you taking in your business/in your life to manage your energy and relationships? 

Here are a few things I’m doing:

  • eating well and getting enough rest
  • participating in Dare To Engage’s Bootist Energy Circle
  • spending quality time with my family and friends
  • maintaining a supportive office environment with a dog bed under my desk and a small vase of flowers on it
  • only surrounding myself with people who are supportive and optimistic — no negative nellies welcome (realistic…absolutely, but negative…nope)

Now that I’m “cared for”, I can give my best to my clients. 

Some simple Extreme Client Care™ activities I practice include:

  • sending cards/gifts for birthdays, holidays and “just because”
  • sharing unexpected AND helpful bonuses (reports, videos, books, etc.)
  • spending extra time on the phone if the topic/conversation needs it
  • providing thoughtful responses — not quick, canned answers
  • tailoring program examples for the industries of program members rather than provide cookie-cutter info

Notice that none of the above is rocket science.  In fact, it’s actually a return to doing business the way it used to be done…and the way I believe business is meant to be done.

Practice good sense today and receive many cents tomorrow and long into the future.

Want more simple ways to practice Extreme Client Care™ for yourself and your clients?  Join me on Wednesday, Jan 26th as Bonnie Hutchinson of and I present “Cherish Your Clients, Cherish Yourself.”

I’d love to hear your thoughts and how you practice self care and Extreme Client Care™ below…