Why Most Small Businesses Fail and How You Can Avoid Being One of Them

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You already know that most small businesses fail in
the first few years — what are you doing to be one of the outrageously

  • Do you invest in seminars, coaching and other professional development to propel your business forward or do you "know it all"?
  • Do
    you take action or do you "think about it" while others implement all
    around you — many million dollar ideas have ended up as regrets
    because someone failed to take action.
  • Do you have systems
    in place which insure you are consistently getting the word out or do
    you sit and wait for the phone to ring?

The above are just a few of the questions you need to ask yourself in determining if you are destined for success.

There are several reasons why people don’t move forward.  Here’s a look at just a few of them:

  • Fear of the unknown and that you don’t know *how* to do something
  • You want it to be *perfect*
  • Fear of success — how will you handle it?  What comes next?
  • Too much "thinking" and too little "doing"
  • Unwilling to invest the time or money to build your business — and constantly making excuses for both. 

Not moving forward leads to failure.

Those who focus and implement succeed.

Read those two lines again.

you dream of making a million dollars, you need to act now AS IF you
had a million dollar business. As a million dollar business owner, your
time is worth $480/minute — what are you doing with it?

another way, we all have the same 1,440 minutes in each day. Are you
using yours to create the life of your dreams or are you watching

The choice — and it is a choice — is yours.

To borrow a slogan from Nike, "JUST DO IT!"

Your Coaching Challenge

Is your business doing as well as you know it can?  If not, why not?

are, you fall into one (or many) of the categories of why people don’t
move forward above. What can you do TODAY to change the future of your

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