Why You Aren’t Getting More Done

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Q&A2About half of our readers will have stopped reading the previous “how-to” article and jumped here to see if this answers the age-old question of “Why can’t I get more done?”

And that, my friends, is half the problem.

(If you’re one of them, please finish previous article before starting this one.)

The more information, the more technology, the more stuff that’s in front of us, the less focus we have.

When our days consisted of getting food, eating food and surviving the night, things were easier. We knew what we had to do and we did it. . .or else.

There’s no longer such a compelling “or else”.

Which means we need to create it for ourselves.

WHY do you do what you do? There are millions of ways to earn/make money, why this one? What’s so important about it for you?

What can the money you earn do for you? Have a plan, put the money to work. Is it college for your children, a worry-free retirement for you, creating an animal sanctuary, donating to causes which stir your soul, making an impact, having the best of everything?

This is where you need to get “down and dirty” with yourself and find your true desires.

There is no wrong. There is no judgment.

It may take time, it may take reflection, but in the end only you can identify what those things are that motivate you even on your worst day.

And it’s completely okay if those things feel selfish – the most critical part is that you are open and honest with yourself.

Next up. . .some way to reconnect with these items daily.

It could be affirmations or a vision board, post-it notes on your monitor or bathroom mirror, a picture on your ceiling so it’s the first thing you see in the morning.

Whatever works.

The key to getting it is focus.

Focus on the things you need to do to move forward. Focus on meeting your commitments.

Try using the “time chunking” method listed in the previous article, scheduling your big chunks for the week and filling in the specifics each evening so you can adjust for priority changes.

The success you seek will follow.

What are your best practices for getting things (the “right” things based on your goals) done? Please share in the comments section below.