15 Minutes a Day to Change Your Business

Thank you
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Thank youScott Turow wrote Presumed Innocent during his 30-minute commute on the train each morning.

I spend 15-minutes handwriting cards (no email, no Send Out Cards, actual pen on paper) and sending them out to clients and prospective clients each day:

  • birthday
  • celebration/congratulations
  • thank you
  • get well
  • just because/thinking of you
  • check this out
  • holiday (I start writing holiday cards in October to ensure they’ll be done and my wrist won’t be broken!)

What if you spend just 15 minutes doing one thing to change your business?  From picking up the phone and connecting with your ideal clients to writing a card/postcard or reading industry magazines/journals.  What difference will that make for you by this time next year?

What if you employed this same practice to your personal life?  What difference will it make?