18 Ways to Increase Your Visibility and Your Credibility — all with less work than you’re likely doing now

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There’s so much we need to do in our businesses.  You know it, you’ve heard it.

What about doing more with what you already have?  I discussed this in two other articles: What’s Hiding in Your Business Closet and Maximizing Your Business Assets.

Today, we’re specifically discussing your content marketing plan.  Every piece of content you create (a.k.a. “article”) can be repurposed.  And each time you reformat/repurpose the information, you’re going to reach more and more of your ideal audience.

Article Repurposing Infographic

Cool, huh?  You can download your own copy by right clicking and highlighting “save image as” — you can also save it as your desktop background to keep you motivated.

Let’s walk through it (I’m going from left to right on the chart, but you can do in whatever order you wish and you can leave some items out if you prefer:

  1. Write 400-500 word article (you could start with an audio if you prefer)
  2. Put your article in your newsletter or send a solo email to your subscribers
  3. Post the article on www.EzineArticles.com (“EA” in picture)
  4. Group several articles on a similar topic and publish them on both Kindle and as a downloadable ebook on your website
  5. Post the article on your blog
  6. Join a tweet ring with colleagues where you automatically pull their blog posts into your social media and they do the same for you using a free service like www.Twitterfeed.com.  This will ensure that every blog post reaches not only your community, but everyone in your tweet ring’s community
  7. Link to your blog on your social media platforms: Facebook, Linked In, Google+
  8. Enable Twitterfeed to post old blog posts on your social media as a way to give your blog archives some new life
  9. Open up PowerPoint (or your software of choice) and create some slides from your article content — works great with bulleted-style content
  10. Post those slides on social media and YouTube
  11. Record your article as an audio and post to iTunes as a podcast in just a few minutes using same tool
  12. Post your audio recording on other podcast directories (use your search engine of choice and type in “your industry name + podcast”
  13. Using your slide and/or audio content, create a webcast training as a list builder
  14. Break your article up into shorter tips and post on social media (like my #SmarTini tips)
  15. Repost your article as a Facebook Note (this is NOT a post — it’s under “Notes” in your FB account, both personal and biz pages)

Are there more things you can do?  Absolutely, but this gives you a great start and, once you do the basics, you can delegate or automate the rest.

Feeling overwhelmed and wondering how the heck all of this fits into your business?  Check out our new “SMAC: Where Results are Created” — it may be just what your business ordered.