2017 Goals: Week 1 of 52 Update

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Sandra Martini shares Week 1 of 52 Progress Report on status of 2017 Goals.


So here we go. . .Week 1’s Progress Report with 357 days to go.  If you missed the full description of each goal, you can read about them at 2017 List of Goals.

My Goals for 2017

The Art of Extreme Client Care

  1. Publish my book and achieve Amazon Bestseller Status. Added 3 pages of notes pulled from complimentary The Art of Extreme Client Care ebook to Evernote notebook and wrote one chapter by getting up an hour earlier than usual.

Hubby, Penny and Teddy

  1. Release additional 49 pounds.  Down 1 pound (so 60 total and 48 left on this goal). Enjoying my daily walks around Lakeville, most with the our shepherd huskies Penny and Teddy (they’re brother and sister) and have signed up for a 5K in South Carolina as I’m heading back there late this week.  And due to the intense cold (and about a foot of snow), I did a few days of walking throughout grocery stores — averaging about 6 miles total in the stores this week.  Of course if you follow me on Facebook, you also saw that those trips to the store weren’t just for walking. Lots of cooking this week for my husband after I leave, my sister’s freezer and my brother-in-law (aka “Wonderful Plow Man”).  😉
  1. In addition to *regular* clients, partner privately with 5 business owners.  An existing Team client asked for a proposal to partner with me for consulting. Will submit that proposal this week.  A 2016 private client asked about upgrading to the partnership program and we’ll be chatting this week.

Paula Eder Decluttering Challenge

  1. Complete Paula Eder’s Decluttering Challenge. So Week 1 was to donate/sell/discard 1 item.  I did a bit more than that and actually did Week 18 — everything in the picture is being donated or given to someone I know could use it.  My goal within the goal is to, at a minimum, mark off each of the 52 weeks so until the higher weeks are marked off will start with those.

Escalator Marketing Program

  1. Simplify my business offerings and fully flush out the Escalator (funnel) for each of the programs, products and services that remains.  Listed out all of my private consulting/mentoring programs and eliminated all but three of them.  Next up is to update the website (that’ll be a project for next week).

  1. Read a minimum of 52 books.  It was a good week for reading. I saw the Real Simple Best Books of 2016 list and took two out of the library: American Housewife and Today Will Be Different.  They’re not my normal genres and American Housewife had me laughing out loud.  50 books to go.

Freezer Meals

  1. Complete 50 projects.  This week’s project was personal as opposed to business. Since I’m heading back to South Carolina this week for at least a month, I made several freezer meals for my husband and my sister’s family given their daily visits to see my niece for the foreseeable future.  Lots of grocery shopping and lots of cooking.  Final count for last week: 4 trays of lasagna, 4 jars of homemade sauce, 10 jars of chicken soup, 3 trays + 2 single servings of shepherd’s pie and 10 fruit/breakfast breads.
  1. Post at least 50 videos.  Yeah, well, not so much last week.  I did create a list of ideas for videos as it seems whenever the camera goes on, my mind goes blank.  Yep, seriously blank.

Calendar Planning System

  1. Give back/Pay it forward to 12 different organizations. I decided to do some local random acts of kindness this week: 1/ We had a crazy long line in the post office and I was close to the front mailing out a calendar system and bought extra stamps and gave them to everyone in line who just needed stamps so they didn’t have to wait.  2/ Bought smoothies, tea and cocoa for all the staff at local animal hospital on a very snowy Saturday.  Going to do several other random acts of kindness this month rather than a single organization.
Peaceful meadows sundae
Peaceful meadows sundae
  1. Spend quality time with my family: Enjoy a minimum of 45 dates with DH (Darling Hubby), 25 “Sis” outings and as much as possible with my nieces, nephews and friends.  Went on a movies (we saw “Passengers” — it was okay, but I felt the ending was a bit rushed) and Peaceful Meadows dessert date with Darling Hubby this week and had a wonderful time.  During DH’s band practices, I headed to see my niece in rehab and read to her for a few hours — one day she’ll tell me to stop…at least that’s my prayer.
  1. 3 secret goals that I won’t be talking about until they’re accomplished. While I’ll be tracking and writing about them in real time, I won’t be sharing for now.

And, above all, be focused yet forgiving for those times when life interferes and things don’t happen as planned.

What about you? Did you make goals for 2017? How are they going?