My Goals for 2017

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Sandra Martini shares her big list of goals for 2017 and how setting full-year goals can be advantageous to achievement.

Sandra Martini sets 2017 Goals

There’s just something about writing goals down and committing to them over a full year.

While sure, there are objectives and “mini-goals”, spreading my goals out over the full year does two things:

  1. Takes the pressure off — I feel like I can focus on the goals without a constant pressure of “What if life interferes?”.  It builds in time for course correcting.
  2. Tracking and reporting on them here builds in accountability for me and, hopefully, inspiration and motivation for you in achieving your own goals (which I’d love to learn about in the comments).

Last year I was away from home for over 9 months and I don’t really know how I got anything done.  So writing them down, committing AND sharing along the way are my process for 2017.

My Goals for 2017

  1. Publish my book and achieve Amazon Bestseller Status. While it was slated for 2016, life interfered.  I’ve redone the table of contents and created a writing/editing-existing-copy schedule.
  1. Release additional 49 pounds: Walk daily and post an image on Instagram, eat in the way that nourishes my body and soul, get back into the garden and get a minimum of 7 hours sleep/night. Once done, it’ll be time for an entire new wardrobe — I refuse to buy lots of new stuff while still losing so have a very minimalist wardrobe.  🙂
  1. In addition to *regular* clients, partner privately with 5 business owners who are *so over* having a hobby and ready to streamline and optimize their businesses so they move from baby => toddler => child => teen => adult. Not empire building, simply creating “their” businesses — ones that take care of them rather than the other way around.
  1. Complete Paula Eder’s Decluttering Challenge and donate/sell/discard a minimum of 1,378 items this year.
  1. Simplify my business offerings and fully flush out the Escalator (funnel) for each of the programs, products and services that remains.
  1. Read a minimum of 52 books.
  1. Complete 50 projects — anything and everything from reorganizing the office to finalizing the close-down of Mum’s home and things that have been on *the list* for way too long (Dear Bathroom…You’re up!).
  1. Post at least 50 videos (the introvert in me is screaming!).
  1. Give back/Pay it forward to 12 different organizations in my community (either Mass or SC depending where I am that month) either by donating time or purchasing products they need (such as food and blankets for local animal shelter).
  1. Spend quality time with my family: Enjoy a minimum of 45 dates with DH (Darling Hubby), 25 “Sis” outings and as much as possible with my nieces, nephews and friends.  While it seems odd to “assign” numbers to quality time, it helps me.  Life’s too short to be “too busy”.
  1. 3 secret goals that I won’t be talking about until they’re accomplished. While I’ll be tracking and writing about them in real time, I won’t be sharing for now.

And, above all, be focused yet forgiving for those times when life interferes and things don’t happen as planned.