3 Ways to Ensure Your Business is Busy — No Matter The Economy or Season

It’s summer. . .a time of school vacations; hazy, hot and humid weather; and, according to some, the slowest business season of the year.

Not so here in Lakeville! We’re going gangbusters and there’s a few reasons why which you can easily use/adapt for your business:

1. Plan for success and work the plan. Nothing secret here – it actually makes things easier if you have a plan to work by as there’s no wondering “What should I focus on?” thoughts when you walk in the office each morning.

2. Generate exposure all year round for a steady flow of business: consistent article marketing; regularly (at least 2x/week) posting on your, and others’, blogs; connecting with people “live” through social media; “touching” your readers through direct mail and, if conducive to your business, regularly hosting f.r.e.e. teleclasses.

3. Create systems to work for you. The busier you get, the more important it is to have the right systems in place so “no balls get dropped” and every client experiences Extreme Client Care™ from you and every member of your team. And the busier you are, the more clients who want to work with you.

The above is a longer way of saying that:

Ordinary things, done consistently, create extraordinary AND consistent, results!

Make It Real: My Request To You

It’s true. . .the above may not seem like the sexiest or most amazing secrets in the world.

It’s also true that 99% of all entrepreneurs and small business owners don’t do them. Always searching, hoping for the magic pill, they fail to do the things which practically guarantee success.

Every day you sit down to work, you have a choice: move steadily forward or sit and wait for success to find you.

Which are you going to do today?