5 Proven Strategies for Filling Your Marketing Funnel

This is the first of a two-part article on overfilling your

marketing funnel and client pipeline.

In order to insure that your pipeline doesn’t dry up as

existing clients take vacations or move on, you want to

overfill your marketing funnel in order to create a

waiting list of people who want to work with you.

Before we discuss which strategies should have a

prominent place in your marketing action plan, you’ll

want to have a few items in your marketing toolkit:

1. Write out your USP.

Your Unique Selling Proposition tells prospects what

makes you different.  Why should they hire you as

opposed to Joe?  What can you bring to the

relationship that is different than what Mary brings? 

YOU need to know what your USP is in order to

successfully market your business — it’s a

cornerstone of your brand.

Dominos pizza guarantees delivery in 30 minutes or

it’s free.  McDonald’s food is fast (you don’t go there

for "good". . .you go for "fast").  What do you do?

2. Write and memorize your elevator


Whether you work from home or in an office, you want

to have an effective elevator speech ready. 

Remember that you only have a few seconds to

capture my attention, what do you need me to know? 

What results do you provide your clients?  Chances

are, it’s not your company name and title!

3. Create an attractive website.

Your website needs to be "attractive" — not pretty in the

usual sense, but attractive to the prospects that you

want to attract.  Your home page must touch on a

problem that your target audience has and how you

can resolve that problem.

I don’t care how long you’ve been in business if you

can solve my problem — whatever my problem may

be.  Your prospects feel the same.

4. Have attractive business cards.

If you attend networking events of any type, you need to

have a business card.  See number 3 above — your

business card needs to be attractive to the person you

want to hand it to.  You should write your USP on the


list your tagline, or otherwise "speak" to your

prospects via your card so when they are flipping

through the cards a month after the event, they’ll

remember you.

Cards have a back side, use it to offer a no-cost report

(this is the best option if you have a newsletter) or list

a client testimonial.  I use Overnight

Prints for all my business and postcard needs

and love them!

5. Come from a "full practice" mentality.

This last one is perhaps the most important.  You

want to insure that you do not come across

as "lacking" or "needy" to your prospective clients.

The Law of Attraction shows us that we attract that

which we think about most.  What are you thinking


I keep my marketing funnel full by insuring that I

perform at least one marketing-related activity every

single day. Next week, I’ll share a list of the top

strategies for filling your funnel AND your pipeline — no

matter your business!

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