A rose by any other name…

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A rose by any other nameMany business owners, particularly online it seems, have had their programs, websites, information pages, intake forms and more taken, copied, borrowed, stolen (fill in your verb of choice) and I’ve certainly had my share of it.

It’s a complete lack of integrity on the side of the person who does it. Period. There is no gray area here.

They can rationalize it any way they want — it comes down to laziness and a lack of self confidence in their own ability to create their own “work of art” and, for that, I feel sorry for them and instead ask them to rise to the challenge of being great, doing what they do.

You see, I believe that everything we put out “there” (program, info page, intake form, etc.) is a work of art. Something that we put our time, energy and heart into.

These aren’t simply forms or programs…they’re our expression of our gifts as we continue to learn and strive for excellence.

And while we can create faster than they can imitate, to paraphrase Ray Kroc, I also believe that their clients will won’t see nearly the same results they would have with the original creator — the heart, soul and energy isn’t in the material.

The “learning” that came about creating that particular version of the program, page, form isn’t there and can’t be shared and experienced.

In this case, a rose by any other name does not smell as sweet.

My request to you is to embrace your gifts, all of them, and share them with the world in your own unique way. No one can do it like you can.

Do you agree? Disagree?