A simple way to increase engagement

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Are you treating all members of your list the same?

If so, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. 

In reviewing a client’s membership program and email communications, we saw that she was including a PS in many emails inviting her list to join the program. 

Problem was… she was sending the same PS invitation to members of her program and, as a result, her program members felt like list numbers rather than the valued clients/program members they were. 

Simply copying the primary message and swapping out the PS would have resulted in her continuing to promote her program to non-members while being able to give her members something of value to them (an upcoming call reminder, a tidbit of info, a resource, etc.).

This is one way to segment your list. Below are some others and, note that:

  1. You don’t need 10 versions of every message. It may be appropriate to send something only to members of your program or those who watched a webinar or those who previously bought something, etc.
  2. You can use your segmenting as a form of lead scoring so you know who may be most likely to invest in your next program, product or service. 

Items to consider segmenting on:

  • Current clients/members (in total or of specific programs, products or services)
  • Former clients/members (in total or of specific programs, products or services)
  • Those who signed up for an advance notice list
  • Those who registered for a webinar or other virtual event
  • Those who either haven’t purchased anything or haven’t invested in a specific program, product or service
  • Those who downloaded a specific opt-in goodie
  • Those you met at a specific event

Segmentation can be as simple as swapping out a PS or a paragraph or even sending just to one group like the above bullets.

Reality? While this is a simple (and easy!) way to build better relationships with your audience, most businesses don’t do it and then sit back and wonder why few buy and engagement continues to drop.

It can take as few as five minutes to make your audience feel seen. Are you willing to invest those five minutes?