Adapting Your Membership Program Backend to Better Support Members

Adapt Li
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We started the Get It Done Right program in February 2010. It was a popular program and we managed it all on an e-learning platform called Ruzuku.

We were paying a little under $1,000/year for that platform and, after a few years, saw that no one was using it. 

Time to adapt…

We cancelled Ruzuku and managed the program via email with recordings being immediately available after the calls (and at the same link) using Instant Teleseminar. This cut down on emails and made things easy for members.

And while we now use Zoom for topic trainings, we still use Instant Teleseminar for Q&As. Instant Teleseminar allows members to submit questions in advance and has them waiting for me. It also allows anonymity in asking which we see in over half of all questions.

This system has worked for years. However, we’ve recently noticed an increase in requests for older trainings. 

Time to adapt…

We looked for a product that would meet member needs, save team time and, ideally, allow us to do other things as well.

Member needs: 

  • New member signs up and get login info without team involvement OR relying on a third party integration.
  • Members are able to easily navigate the system to find the training or Q&A recording they want.

Pretty simple. 

And we wanted the ability to host a podcast (would allow us to cancel a different stand-alone service) + ability to host our self-study courses.

Solution? Kajabi (this is my referral link and offers a 30-day complimentary trial).

As you read this, we’re loading past trainings, Q&As and even print newsletter pdfs into our new member platform with the goal of opening the program to new members next week (click here if you want to be on the “first to know” list).

And the next time members want something different? We’ll adapt.

Review your programs and services – are your clients and members “asking” you (whether through an outright question, complaints, “I wish” requests, etc.) to adapt? If so, how and where?