3 Tips to Reaching Any Goal

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Back in January, I was challenged to do something different. Something that would take significant effort and isn’t something I’ve done before.

I reviewed my 2022 goals (business and personal) and asked myself:

What’s something I’ve wanted to do, have never done and, in preparing for/accomplishing it, will support other already-defined goals?

Two immediate responses: 

  1. Finish (finally!) my book 
  2. Complete a marathon. 

A quick check online found the Myrtle Beach Half-Marathon happening close to my late sister’s birthday and it has a fundraising component for breast cancer. It’ll also help with my personal “healthy longevity” goals. Without a second thought I signed up.

Great! Except while I reversed my diabetes last year, I’m still overweight and in no shape to complete a half-marathon. 

Next step was to bring in how I plan for any goal – from business to reversing diabetes to getting through 8 years of full-time care-giving while running my business.

3 Steps to Achieving Your Goals

  1. Reverse engineer the goal.

    The half-marathon is on October 16th. I need to taper for about two weeks before so essentially, I’ve got to be able to complete 13.1 miles by October 2nd.

    I grabbed a calendar and backed my training up, including signing up for a couple 5K and 10Ks to help me prep. Then I started 75Hard.

  2. Constantly ask: Does it move the needle?

    Is what I’m doing/about to do helping or hurting my goal? We have international clients crossing five time zones and I can find myself in my office both early and late.

    As a result, the first thing was to set a new morning and shutdown routine that supports my training plan without negatively impacting the business.

  3. Be open to new possibilities/opportunities.

    In addition to building my cardio endurance, I need to build muscle. In the past, that typically meant a gym membership. For many reasons, I don’t want to join a gym. New idea: Convert a room in the house into a workout area: cardio, dumbbells, strength training, etc. It’s all there…

While I described this from the standpoint of my half-marathon training, it’s the exact same process we use for reaching business goals and what I used to reverse diabetes before my 2021 birthday.

What will you use it for?