Surprise and Delight: 4 Simple Steps to Extreme Client Care™

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How are you welcoming new clients/program members and celebrating with/congratulating existing clients? 

Recently I was speaking with a real estate broker and coach around our team creating her membership program and then managing the backend. 

While we were chatting about her vision, she was walking along the beach and saw a pod of dolphins swimming back and forth in front of her and mentioned it as she’d never seen them hang out like that before. At the end of our call, she asked for a written proposal. 

We delivered it. And, separately, sent her a “thank you for our call” crystal dolphin paperweight for her desk… before she signed with us. 

Another client bought a new vehicle and we sent him a YETI travel mug that matched his new SUV with his business logo as a “congratulations” gift. 

Notice that the gifts are personal to the client and have nothing to do with our branding. 

Thursday was Get to Know Your Customers Day – how are you getting to know yours? And… what are you doing with that information?

Four simple things you can do:

  • Keep a spreadsheet or update fields in your CRM (InfusionSoft, HubSpot, Constant Contact, etc.) with information as you learn it: partner info, favorite color, children/pet info, important dates, milestones, etc.
  • Consider ways you can surprise and delight your clients outside of the usual holidays – when a client gets a new pet, we like to send a gift to the new pet from our TMW mascot BudBud.
  • Keep a small stack of cards and stamped envelopes on your desk so it’s easy peasy to always send something “in the moment” as an opportunity pops up (and then document it if recurring).
  • Add birthdays and other notable dates to your calendar a week before the event so you have time/space to send something – be sure to include their mailing address in the recurring calendar entry.