Grow your business: 5 ways to start today

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It feels like we were just wondering where Q1 went and POOF!, we’re now at the end of April. 

After a conversation with a colleague last week, I want to share some tactics if your numbers aren’t quite where you thought they’d be, or they are and you’d like to amp things up even more.

  1. Consider adding additional services.

    What’s a commonly requested add-on service or program you could add to existing services? Unsure? Ask your best clients to keep a list of all the things they’d prefer not to do and don’t have someone to currently handle. Which of those could your business easily add?
  2. In a complete contradiction to #1, review your services and ask if you’re trying to be all things to everyone.

    Is there anything you don’t love doing that you could either contract out or remove from your offerings in order to focus on those things you excel at, enjoy AND can be known for? We’ve been quietly doing this over the last year and the difference it’s made is amazing.
  3. Ask your best clients for referrals.

    Send one or two notes per day — this doesn’t need to be time or resource-intensive.
  4. Check in with your clients and email list.

    Ask or survey about whether your programs, products or services are helping meet their 2022 goals (great to do now that Q1 is over) and what you could do to be even more helpful.
  5. Pro-actively answer the “What’s next?” question.

    Let your clients and prospects know what’s coming — whether through email, social media, direct mail, etc. 

Consistently incorporate one or more of the above strategies/tactics into your weekly calendar and you may be surprised by the results.