Adapting Your Marketing for Today’s World

Christmas Cards Filling Mail Box
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Throughout the last two years we’ve seen some industries, some businesses thrive, while others barely survive or even completely close. 

While there are countless factors involved in creating the outcomes, three are predominant:

  1. Consistent and varied marketing 
  2. Consistent nurturing and educating prospective clients
  3. Maintaining an emergency cash fund of at least 2-3 months

Sound like the basics? Communicate consistently in a way that reaches people. Provide Extreme Client Care™ and educate. Save money.

They are and therein lies the issue. Basic isn’t sexy. Basic isn’t fun. 

We all know the basics, so we tend to focus on shiny objects, hopeful breakthroughs and other “strategies” rather than ensuring the basics are fully handled.

#2 above: Consistent and varied marketing. In today’s world that means keeping in touch with your clients, your prospective clients/new leads and your target audience and doing so using a variety of media.

Once the Pandemic hit, businesses that were previously slow to embrace online and email marketing and wanted to survive were suddenly all about having a virtual presence and connecting remotely with their audiences.

People saw their email inboxes fill faster than ever. If you’re connecting with your clients and prospective clients via email only, you’ve likely seen open rates drop. The competition for inbox attention has increased significantly.

Surviving, achieving your goals, thriving all depend on you reaching and communicating with your potential clients. 

Knowing this, and that email is only one piece of the communication puzzle, what media do you need to add into your content and relationship marketing plans for the upcoming year? 

For example, I send clients a print newsletter each month — and have for 12+ years. Want a complimentary sample? Contact us and share your mailing address.