Are you sabotaging sales?

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As a business owner, are you treating your business with the respect it deserves?

I received an email today from a business owner whose email ends in "".  She was asking a question about how to build her credibility online and had invested thousands of dollars in others’ programs and systems — all designed to "increase her credibility" and "position her as an expert".

The immediate problem?

She’s not giving her business the same respect she’s asking others to give it by hiring her and paying her rates.

If you want a successful business, treat it like a successful business and that includes having an email address which ends in your domain name.

For example, my website is and my email is

Now isn’t that a lot better than or

Look at your business…you SAY you want to be a million dollar business or you want to make 6 figures this year, but does your business reflect the traits of those businesses?