Article Marketing Repurposing Strategy – Creating Information Products

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When you're getting ready to create your first information product or, if you're feeling a little stuck, I recommend you start with something simple. . . mini-guides!

Take one of your most popular articles and create a step-by-step mini-guide around it where you teach your ideal clients something that they've already expressed an interest in learning.

A mini-guide can be as short as 10 pages – size isn't important here, quality of information is. You want to walk your readers through a process which allows them to walk away with something tangible (such as a service they can now use).

Let's take a look at what you'd need to do to start selling your mini-guides:  

  1. Write the content – remember to focus on VALUE and specific info. This is no place for fluff.
  2. Set up a way to receive payment – I recommend Kickstart Cart, but you can also use PayPal.
  3. Write a brief information page telling your prospects what the mini-guide is about, including its price and how to order.
  4. Set up a "thank you" page with a link to download your mini-guide.
  5. If you're using a shopping cart to take orders, create an autoresponder to send out the download link again and thank your clients for purchasing.
  6. On the information page, let prospects know that, as a special bonus, they'll also receive your newsletter (just remember to include your Privacy Policy and notice that they can opt out at any time)
  7. And now it's time to announce your mini-guide to your list.

In terms of how much you can/should charge for these "mini-guides", I would keep them under $20 (unless the information is highly technical, then you can charge more) and use them as a means to let your prospects "get to know you" before they purchase any of your more expensive products.

While you probably won't get rich creating and selling mini-guides (although you could), they serve as a great means of introducing people to your information and content.

My Request to You

Pick an article you've written and have gotten a great response on or, if you're not sure which to pick, write a list of questions your clients and customers frequently ask.

Now ask yourself "How can I give my prospects a step-by-step process which answers their questions/gives them what they need?"

"Step-by-step" is key here.

Once you have that answer, you're ready to start writing. 🙂

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