Business Systems – the real way to create a lifestyle business

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Goodness knows systems may not sound like the sexiest thing in your business – after all, marketing usually wins that title.

Systems however, are what allow you to take time off without worrying what’s going on in the business and they ensure that all of your clients have the same experience – regardless of how busy you are – from start to finish.

To keep things simple, let’s take the creation of one system today – this is one that I use and will show you how valuable they can be.

New Client Process

  1. Prospect inquires about services and chooses which is best for her after reading “Interview with Sandy” and reviewing different services offered.
  2. Prospective client registers as a client either through information page (often called “sales page”) or by emailing assistant, depending on program.
  3. Sandy sends personalized card welcoming client into X program/service.
  4. New Client Information Packet (has Client Agreement, intake questionnaire, describes how we work together, may contain “Getting Started” or “Checklist” depending on program) is emailed and snail mailed within 24 business hours of registration.

What happens after that depends on the program – is it a “Done 4 You” service or is it a “Done With You” service?

Each program then has the appropriate process steps that go with it.

Make sense?

It’s set up this way so that if the team member who regularly handles this function is out of the office, any other member of the team can pick it up without delay AND without my constant involvement.

Make It Real — My Request to You

Pick one thing. . .just one in your business to write a system for and start documenting it this week.

Do this each week until you’ve created systems for everything in your business – from how the phone is answered to how your new clients are greeted and your current clients leave.

And, if you take only one thing from today’s article, let it be that your business growth comes from your ability to get new clients (a.k.a. marketing, which has systems all its own), but your business lifestyle comes from your ability to create systems which don’t require your attention every minute of every day.

This is the real key to creating a lifestyle business. . .