Conversions What do they mean and why do they matter?

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We hear all the time that we need to “increase our conversions” or “get our numbers up”. But what exactly does that mean and what else do we need to know?

“Conversion” is all about turning leads into paying clients and, when done well, more leads into more clients while doing it better, faster and with the least possible expense.

“Conversion” is also used to describe the result of desiring someone to take a step — whichever step you want them to take — whether signing up for a f’ree report, register for a strategy session, join a teleseminar or webinar, etc. — the result is a desired action.

“Conversion Percentage” (sorry, just a little bit of math here) is defined as the “number of NEW sales” divided by the “number of leads” times 100.

And in the above case, “NEW sales” are people who are giving you money for the very first time (they’re not repeat clients) and “leads” are people who have expressed, in some way, interest in what you’re offering — whether they visited your website, called your office, sent you an email, etc.

“New Client Cost” is defined as how much it costs for you to market to someone such that they give you money for the first time.

“Extreme Client Care(tm)” describes the process by which the better the care you provide to your clients, the less likely they’ll be to switch to another vendor. (More on this in an upcoming series.)

Why do these terms matter?

Quite simply put, the better your conversion, the lower your new client cost AND the better your client care, the less new clients you’ll need as existing clients won’t leave your service and will refer others who cost almost nothing to market to (and therefore lower your new client cost even further).

You may want to read the above paragraph again to truly absorb the logic.

Make It Real — My Request to You

Before we can even chat about increasing your conversions, you need to know where you stand today.

Ask your webmaster or assistant to get you signed up with a service such as Webstat if you don’t already get statistics about the number of visitors to your site, blog, ezine sign-ups, etc.

After all, you need to know where you are in order to determine where you want to be. 🙂