Ezine Articles combined with Twitter

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If you're not yet using Twitter, you'll want to strongly consider it as another means of promoting your business (just be careful not to get addicted!) – other business owners are promoting it right and left and I'll leave that to them.

What I want to recommend is that if you are using Twitter AND you're posting your articles to Ezine Articles, you link the two by setting up your Ezine Articles account to automatically post your approved and published articles to your Twitter profile. You can set this up by going into your Author's Area at Ezine Articles, then your Profile Manger, and then Edit Your Author Bio.

Enter your Twitter username and password in the appropriate fields (note that you can also add your Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc. info on this page).

VOILA! Now each time one of your articles is approved and published by Ezine Articles, an announcement with the article title will automatically be posted to your Twitter profile, thus sharing your content with even more people!

And "YES". . .this is yet another way of "repurposing" your articles for increased exposure. 🙂

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