Kiss’em Kick Start for Email Marketing

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We all know the importance of having a newsletter where you stay in contact with your ideal clients and prospects and I've heard from several readers that while they'd LOVE to have an ezine, they just aren't sure WHERE to start.

After all, there's all the initial setting up to do before you even get started.

Your solution is here!

One of my clients is FINALLY offering her proven system for getting you set up and started with email marketing (she even sets up the template for you) – in addition to the ensuring that your ezine meets with CAN-SPAM laws, uploading your existing database, preparing your opt-in message and welcome/confirmation emails, etc.

Honestly, hiring Lisa to get this done for you, for LESS than $300, is an absolute no-brainer. Most people spend more than that in testing systems which don't work or hiring someone to do just one of the many things she's including with this service.

Please click here to learn about KISS'EM Kick Start for Email Marketing with Lisa Almeida.